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GNUnion (Global Networked Labour Union) Beta 1.0

Organised by: chapullers

“…The time is past due for new forms of association to be created that can steer the world away from its destruction through commodified exploitation. The greatest hacks of our time may turn out to be forms of organising free collective expression, so that from this time on, abstraction serves the people …” M. Wark

GNUnion is a design to network and self-organize One Big Meshwork by linking like-minded peers and their network bases to each other strategically and transnationally. We call everyone who strives for building dynamic, free, libre, and open source spaces and communities bottom up, to bring their collective agendas and strategies in touch with each other and seek ways to act in harmony while reserving their automony.

GNUnion encourages all to collectivize their individual, social, and communicational power to swarm around dynamical, creative and positive actions as much as possible. Such collective actions, as we have witnessed, are capable of making real impacts at unpredicted magnitudes on the chosen targets -regardless how large and powerful they thin they are.

Combining peer to peer social relations, collective creativity, and necessary technologies and adopting them into our inner, internal and external relationship, we can aim at hyper-empowerment of all the nodes involved.

Below are some of the projects we are currently engaged by networking and self-organizing. We currently use the Organizing Network (ON) in combination with several other tools. ON is an online collaborative networking tool provided by comrades linked to May First / People Link and Union Solidarity International. ON is build on the Elg platform, developed by Lorea.


Work groups will initially scan and analyze the leaked documents that are released by Wikileaks, like the Global Intelligence Files as well as other groups like Anonymous, GlobalLeaks. What will we be looking for in such meta-data will be about violations against producer, designer, users and consumer rights; such as stolen data, planned obsolescence, illegal and dangerous material use, capture and misuse of user-costumer data including selling the data to companies, production related threats to workers and public health.

Further more we will networgansie multi-lingual whistle-blowing activities, primarily targeting largest TNC networks.

We will turn the information into secure campaign intelligence, either to use in global actions we will launch as GNUnion, or feed-in and support ongoing union actions. In cases where there is an already organized independent union active, weather in the main company or its subsidiary, we will support their actions by designing and forging global online viral campaigns.


Working Group:

SaysUs - from anonymous complaint to coordinated action

This web site is a proposal for the creation of a web facility, Says-Us, that allows anonymous complaints about fulfillment of basic needs, by people all over the world, in their own language. Says-Us will act as a portal, allowing millions of people to find each other and find thousands of organizations that will help unify activity and respond to injustice and oppression.




Using global chain mapping tools and mapeo method to create a network of user-worker-designer groups in order to recover the knowledge of entire production lines and supply chains incorporated from them by the management systems such as Taylorist, Kaizen, or Quality Chamber type of worker-society control mechanisms.



GNUnion will help all other forms of unions at all organizational levels (base-membership-shop floor level-organization, management) in order to realize necessary organizational and networked transformations and to become hyperempowered organized networks strongly connected to the grassroots and society. We provide unions with cutting edge resources, links, ties, actions, exchanges, social media skill-sharing and self-education campaigns.


Transnational Solidarity with Occuppied Factories

This group will strive to support transnational solidarity networks being formed between occupied factories around the world, with resources, actions, exchanges, social media skill-sharing and self-education campaigns.


Social Network-, Wiki-, Meta- Strikes

Our first direct and mesh networked action will be a transnational meta-strike to target PRISM contractors. Priority objectives of the strike will be forcing the state elite and capital to hand-off private and public data, and stop abusing people and democratic rights for their commercial and tyrannical objectives. The action will reclaim what is ‘social’ and belong to people in societal communication and bring about mass awareness about using FLOSS!

We will bring high-tech and industrial workers, hackers, system admins, digital artists and activists and their powers coming from production, consumption, communication and knowledge -so a being social individuals and society.


The Code

GNUnion (Global Networked Labour Union) is a Beta 1.0 version which was released on December 1, 2013. The project is inspired by the history, struggle and experience of IWW and GNU/Linux.

The main objective is to create a meshwork, knowledge, infrastructure and political struggle in order to realize Free, Libre, and Open Source Social-Economic Operating Systems beyond Capitalism.

The ‘code’, is open to all, all is free to copy, share, modify, and spread the code. We encourage all to collaborate with us and each oteher to move GNUnion idea forward, using one or more of our online spaces, under Mesh Network page.


1. Global Networked Labour Union aims at creating one big mesh network for the global working class from Global South and Global North by linking networks of

high-tech/knowledge, industrial and service workers

domestic, immigrant, rural, jobless and future workers

solidarity, activism and research networks

labour, environmental, social justice and information freedom activists

2. GNUnion aims at hyper-empowerment of all the individual nodes and networks involved

3. GNUnion aims at emancipation of human labour, creativity and potential from current dominant system based on waged slavery by mesh networking existing and working alternatives and building new ones

4. GNUnion aims at combining labour, digital, creative and media activism to confront system with transnationally meshed, systemic and strategic mass actions

Membership and Governance: GNUnion is an free, libre and open sourced mesh organised network. It does rely on peer to peer logic instead of client-servant membership logic. So, it is free to join and leave GNUnion as individuals to collborate with others involved. It is possible to associate with GNUnion’s code as a colletive, organisation, or network; or to create a fork. Linking to the GNUnion as an organisation, network of individuals or organisations, happens when such vertical hubs declares publicly and encourages their ‘members’ to freely become peer nodes in GNUnion meshnet.

The internal organisational decisions and operational functioning of these hubs are independant from to GNUnion All nodes and communication among the nodes, and the key information in relation to GNUnion related actions, projects, activities and other kinds of collaboration and operations, are open and accesible to all the nodes.

Political and Technical Tools

1. Online networking tools for transnational self-organising through the global production-commodity chains or networks

2. Global exchange ties through self organised, floss and transnational skill sharing, trainings and strategy meetings

3. WikiStrikes combining whistleblowing, hacking, creative media actions and art-attacks, walkouts, slowing down

4. Social network strikes and actions combining twitter storm, mass facebook mobilisations, online livestreaming.

5. Open and public collective negotiations with TNCs like Facebook, Amazon,Ggoogle, MicroSoft, Apple, WalMart, Monsanto

more information -

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