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Sat.16:00 LAG. Freedom as a common-pool resource. Alpha 1

Organised by: petros

First attempt to describe freedom (both freedom-to and freedom-from) using the language of the commons. Brief talk + collaborative thinking.

The goal of this attempt is change the perception of freedom. The most popular view considers freedom as a “rare”, rivalrous good, which we have to compete for. If we able to speak about freedom in the language of the commons, we may see the “freedom-from” as a common-pool resource, that we can sustain and expand in collaboration, while the “freedom-to” as the fringe units stream that we can share according to the community-formulated regime.

Warning! The concept presented here is absolutely scandalous from the scholar's point of view. The only reason I am trying to elaborate this methodological abomination is the fact, that it can potentially provide an easy and efficient „cognitive pry bar” to open – and change – popular thinking about freedom. It is still to be determined, whether the end justifies the mean here.

  1. Freedom: negative and positive
  2. Relationship between them.
  3. Libertarian concept of freedom.
  4. Critique of the above.
  5. Freedom as a common pool resource
  6. Negative freedom as a core resource
  7. Positive freedom as a stream of fringe units
  8. How does it change our mindset?
  9. The critique of the concept.

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