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AnarchaGland - Anarcha, Lucy & Betsey Organised by: gynepunk

Anarchagland is a autonomous-research project about the history of gynecology, and an active and radical proposal to re-write it. Body-hack - GlamSPELL

Keywords: gender, race, gynecology, slaves, human experimentation, colonization, memory, glands, reapropiation, take back our tools, de-colonization

Preparing a presentation of the text “My Pleasure is Spread and Daggers” by Chiara Schiavon, started researching about ejaculation glands , about who was Skene, the gynecologist whose name is used commonly to describe these glands. This led me to the beginnings of gynecology and meet Sims the guru o Skene, and the harrowing story of Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey and other women in this story, about Medical Apartheid, gynecologists and anatomists related it, about the tools and their history, the birth of urogynecology and its ramifications on the rhetoric of the prostate, female ejaculation, rhetoric of surgery for incontinence and vaginoplastic cosmetics, and current practices in Africa the welfare urogynecology.

Methodology: audiovisual journey through the history of GYNECOLOGY memory of our bodies and a radical proposal body decolonization Language: spamglitch blog >> on web >>
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